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Can I Continue Eating This Way Indefinitely? - Autumn All Year

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Composed: Jun 14, 2022

Author: Autumn

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Can I Continue Eating This Way Indefinitely?

I love this question! I love when people ask if this is sustainable because it means they're looking for a long-term solution, not just a quick fix. I love when people ask this question because it means they have an inquiring mind and are discerning of information; it means they are thinking critically and we should all think critically. But the answer may surprise you (or maybe it won't).

I don't know

I don't have to know the answer before I get started. I don't have to know the answer in order to keep going. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that it has been sustainable for the past 6 years. Will I keep eating this way for the rest of my life? I don't know. Probably, but I don't know for certain. I don't know and I don't have to know.

What I do know is that I've improved my health and that makes it worth it. What I know is that I don't have to know if something is sustainable for the rest of my life before I get started. How could I possibly know that before I do it anyway? The great thing about it is that I can try before I buy, so to speak. I can try it out before I "buy" in for life. I can try and decide not to "buy" in for life.

I've tried

I've tried many different ways of eating over the years. This is how I learned that some things didn't work well for my body. There isn't anything inherently wrong with other ways of eating, per se. The only "wrong" way of eating is the one that doesn't work for you. The only "right" way of eating is the one that works for you. I tried different things out. And that's how I figured out which things work for me and which do not.


I read the available literature, listened to Podcasts, watched interviews, and followed influencers like Kimmi Katte and Katrina Harris, both on Instagram.

I wanted to learn from people who had the same affliction I did. That doesn't mean what they're doing will automatically work for me (there are many different interventions that people with lipedema find success with). I liked Kimmi and Katrina's descriptive approach to sharing information.

I also followed influencers who do not have lipedema. One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is Keto Renita. She shares really detailed information about how she makes keto work for her day in and day out. I also really enjoy Sally K Norton's Instagram account. She is a medical researcher and she does a great job of explaining complex matters in understandable terms.

You should ask

You totally should ask whether or not a way of eating is sustainable. Something as important as whether or not what and how I eat is sustainable is an important question. And you should look for the answer all along the way. That said, my advice is: try not to let the question itself stand between you and finding the answer.