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Composed: March 10, 2024

Author: Autumn

I gave up dairy for a month and all I got was…

During February, I abstained from dairy in my diet. Typically, my daily meals consist mainly of meat, eggs, some dairy, and occasionally small portions of tomatoes, peppers, and onions. I also occasionally incorporate coconut milk into my meals.

Since this year is a leap year, I decided to eliminate dairy from my diet for all 29 days of February. Initially, I observed a decrease in symptoms related to seasonal allergies. I experienced fewer sneezing episodes, reduced post-nasal drip, and clearer sinuses. However, these improvements were intermittent throughout the month, and I don't attribute them directly to the removal of dairy. It seemed more coincidental, and the relief from sinus congestion was not long-lasting.

I didn't notice any changes in the areas affected by lipedema. There was no change in measurements, swelling, or inflammation. Similarly, there were no noticeable changes in the areas affected by psoriasis.

However, around the halfway mark of February, I developed an overgrowth of candida yeast. My lips became severely chapped, I noticed a white film on my tongue, and the corners of my mouth were also affected. This seemed to be the only notable effect of removing dairy from my diet. Typically, when I consume dairy, I also incorporate fermented foods like yogurt and sour cream, which contain beneficial bacteria known to regulate candida yeast. Initially, I suspected that the chapped lips might have been due to new skincare products, but even after discontinuing their use, the symptoms persisted, indicating that the skincare products were not the cause.

As of March 10th, I have happily resumed consuming dairy without experiencing any adverse effects. The overgrowth of candida yeast is now under control, and I feel relieved to have this insight into how different foods affect my body. Whether the outcome is positive or negative, having a better understanding of how foods impact my health is a relief. It's reassuring to know which foods I can consume safely without exacerbating my conditions. The only noticeable consequence of removing dairy from my diet seems to have been the overgrowth of candida yeast, which has since resolved with the resumption of fermented dairy consumption.